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MPA was founded in 1975 thanks to the combination of specific professional skills in the fields of design and processing of mechanical components. It started its activity by manufacturing special equipment for various applications. Understanding the growing importance of automation in the mechanical sector, MPA developed a new line of products strictly dedicated to this perspective. The success was immediate and within only a few years the commercial offer was enlarged thanks to the implementation of special customised products designed and manufactured in order to satisfy the more and more sophisticated requirements of our Customers, therefore making MPA a company famous for its customised products.

The products are in the range of automation of mechanical processing. The research and development activity is focused not only on the product performance, but also on its use in ralation with the environment. This is possible thanks to a constant reduction of noise and environmental pollution achieved with the adoption or specific design, and finishing solutions and materials which reduce noise emissions and lubrication intervals. From standard productions to special customized solutions, the Company offers a wide range of products manufactured according to strict criteria of safety, reliability and efficiency:

  • Angle heads
  • Speed increasers
  • Multispindle heads
  • Pendular heads
  • Turret heads
  • Driven tools for turning centers

In order to perform drilling, tapping, milling, boring, countersinking, counter boring operations on ferrous and non ferrous materials, through the application on conventional or CNC machines, transfer machines, special machines. We can offer specific and tangible solutions for any type of mechanical processing required.